Maple Max fast debonder

Maple Sil fast debonder is a strong cleaner for removing any glue, especially mdf kit
A note for users of the CA cleaner:
Since acetone is not used in the 123 Maple Sil debonder, if used on MDF, it will not damage the MDF color whatsoever, which is a differentiator of this product from other brands.

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Product Description

Easy to use
quickly removing all glue and its stains on wood, MDF, fiber, metals, glass, aluminum, copper, plastic, paper, car, etc.
How to use:
to use this product, first spray it on the glue and wait a couple of seconds. Then, using a proper tool, feed the sprayed substances to the glue. Having The glue turned into semi-liquid, you can clean it using a proper towel. And, if necessary, repeat the act to get the desired outcome.
Expiry date :
Printed on the product can. Keep it in a dry place at a temperature between +5 to +25 degrees Celsius.
Special cases :
Never let it contact with open wounds and eyes.
Use it in open air and with proper ventilation.
Keep it out of children’s reach.


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