Silicone glue for vehicle glass

It is an acid-based uni-component silicone glue that has an extraordinary adhesive power and is used to glue different types of light and heavy car windshields.


Product Description

acid-based uni-component
Silicone 100 %
extraordinary adhesive power
Radiation resistant UV
Very high flexibility to hold car windshields on different types of roads
to glue different types of light and heavy car windshields
How to use:
The joint of the car windshields must be completely clean, dry and free of any grease and dirt. In addition, all previous rusts and silicones must be cleared and cleaned. Fill the joint with the special Maple Max silicone for car windshields and place the car glass in the desired location. Fix the car windshield with a Packaging tape in its place And after 24 hours, remove the packaging tape


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